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Alright so today is my first day down here in Austin, Tx for SXSW 2011 and I am PUMPED to rage with everyone! (Click here for more info on my SXSW shows)… However i know there are a lot of you guys out there that can’t make it down to SXSW this year so i thought i would give away a little audio freebie for you guys to kick off your own parties with where ever you are! Most of you guys probably recognize D.I.M.‘s original version of Is You as one of his biggest club smashers to date. The original single came out on Boys Noize Records way back in 2007 and was definitely one of my personal favorites of the time! Any way being the rad guy that he is D.I.M. sent me the parts to do a remix of this song way back when. I was super stoked to do it but unfortunately the timing didn’t work out and i got busy with other songs and projects and didn’t get around to doing the remix. Flash-forward to a couple months ago when i re-heard the original Is You and was reminded of how much i love this song. I decided to go ahead and finally bust out the forgotten remix… I knew it was far too late to do any sort of real release for the remix since the original came out quite some time ago but i figured what the hell i’ll just do it for fun and give it away for free! After all isn’t music supposed to be about having fun and sharing your creativity? Any way enough with the saga here’s the tune. Crank it up and enjoy!

Download from the Soundcloud player or CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT DOWNLOAD

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  1. MissDVS says:

    thank you so much! wicked track will have to put it on my next radio show on di.fm :)

  2. THANK YOU DYLAN!!! You always bring the best!!

  3. Will says:

    so much happy

  4. angel says:

    just downloaded. gonna listen non-stop!:) thanks for this!

  5. La Muerte says:

    A definite addition to the Boner Jam Sessions!

  6. Curtis Dirt says:

    Killer track Dylan! Keep up the great work as always

  7. hhjh says:

    thnks a lot, great sound you have. im waiting for your new sound “awake” 😉

  8. Tim G says:

    Another awesome track, but WHEN are you next going to play London!?

  9. lyle says:

    so goooood!!!!!!


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