Identity Festival 2012 Recap

Oct 16, 2012 | 0 Comments | Tour

Le Castle Vania Identity Festival 2012 Atlanta

I’m back from my second year on the Identity Festival tour, and I just gotta say I had an absolutely stellar time travelling across the states and visiting so many special cities. I’m so proud to be a part of something as special as Identity Festival. They’re really doing something original and awesome, it’s truly a pleasure to go on tour with them and visit some of the cities I don’t often get to hit on my tours. Watch the recap video from my buddy Mr.650 & see if you can find yourself!

The lineup was really cool again this year, a lot of artists I really respect, and a ton that I got the pleasure of hanging out with over the length of the tour! I gotta give a huge shout out to my boy Madeon, apart from him being so talented and killing it at such a young age, he’s a super cool dude and I had a blast hanging with him over the past few weeks. I also have to give a big thanks to Joel aka Deadmau5 for showing a few of us around his amazing home and studio. Big love to my bus mates as well!

It was really awesome to see the response to my new track “Play Loud” over the course of the tour, I have to give a huge thank you to everyone who shared and downloaded it! And a bigger thank you to everyone who did that and then came and raged with me at one of the Identity stops! Seriously, I love all of you and every single one of you going out and grabbing my song or dancing along with me is the exact reason that I make music and even more so why I want to share it for free with the world.

If you want to catch some recap photos of the tour, you can go to iHome’s facebook page by clicking here.

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