Le Castle Vania’s Bulletproof Tiger Mixtape Vol.2

Feb 24, 2011 | 11 Comments | Music

Le Castle Vania Bulletproof Tiger Mixtape Volume 2

As most of you who have read this blog before probably know i am not too big on a lot of talk and hype so i’ll just cut straight to the details. This is the follow up to my first mixtape The Bulletproof Tiger Mixtape Vol.1. As with the first mixtape i tried not to over think it too much and just selected some of my favorite songs from my own catalog, some stuff from my friends, and some stuff from a few new comers that i have been feeling. This mix also contains tons of brand new and exclusive material including 2 unreleased singles “Awake” and “The Light” as well as exclusive unreleased remixes that I have done of D.I.M.’s Is You and John Lord Fonda’s Sound Of A Melody. Check it out…

Le Castle Vania’s Bulletproof Tiger Mixtape Volume 2.

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Full Track List
1. Le Castle Vania – Bulletproof Tiger Mixtape Vol. 2 Intro
2. Le Castle Vania – Awake (Feat Desire) **Unreleased New Single**
3. Dieselboy – N.V.D. (Le Castle Vania + Computer Club Remix)
4. TAI – Big Bass Drum
5. Boys Noize – Kontact Me (Rynecologist Remix)
6. Gtronic – Sucker Punch
7. D.I.M. – Is You (Le Castle Vania Remix) **Exclusive Unreleased Remix**
8. Far Too Loud – We Want To Dance
9. Etienne De Crecy – No Brain (Nobody Beats The Drum Remix) **LCV QUICK EDIT**
10. Le Castle Vania – Nobody Gets Out Alive! (12th Planet + Flinch Remix)
11. Le Castle Vania – Nobody Gets Out Alive! (Noisia Remix)
12. John Lord Fonda – Sound Of A Melody (Le Castle Vania Remix) **Exclusive Unreleased Remix**
13. Refused – New Noise (Bloody Beetroots + Steve Aoki Remix)
14. Gooseflesh – Wet (Fukkk Offf Remix)
15. Wolfgang Gartner – illmerica
16. South Central – Demons
17. Demon – I Think (D.I.M. Remix)
18. Skrillex – Kill Everybody
19. Les Petits Pilous – Goog
20. Rrrump – Chubby Decker (Le Castle Vania + Street Lurkin Remix)
21. The Prodigy – Warriors Dance (Far Too Loud Exclusive Bootleg Mix)
22. Feed Me + Kill The Noise – Muscle Rollers
23. TWR72 – Lights Out
24. Freefire – Dataloss (Darth & Vader Remix)
25. Blamma! Blamma! – Only Friend
26. Le Castle Vania – The Light **Unreleased New Single**

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11 Responses to “Le Castle Vania’s Bulletproof Tiger Mixtape Vol.2”

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  2. Denise says:

    Epic, especially at 2:00 and 50:00. The best way to start your morning besides morning sex

  3. DJ-BANG says:

    hej thx for the mxtpe – Your Light is sooooo awesome – more please…cheers have a nice weekend.

  4. Will says:

    I don’t think there’s enough grinding…


  5. ryan says:

    I was blown away by volume 1 but you really upped the ante on vol 2. If vol 3 is coming I bet it will sound amazing

  6. Awesome mix, congrats, really hits the spot

  7. this is the shit!<3333333333

  8. MrFhenix says:

    Excelente señor saludos desde MEXICO
    Nothing like The personal addiction to do it better than the first one!!
    totally compatible with my BioRythm

  9. theo papa says:

    you are awsome!!!!!!

  10. chad howell says:

    Wow a great artist giving out great music for free.. Effing Great! I will be sure and support you by buying some songs or better yet by seeing you again.. was at mountain view and your set was Insane! never seen/been in a mosh pit at a edm festival before haha what was the name of that metal song you played? so awesome.

  11. In dream says:

    i recognize that in the tv .. http://lareclame.fr/musique-bethesda-doom-152990
    do you remember , some years before ,when i think its you who scream ( small tchat about it from one of your mixtape ) now i know the source :) doom PS4 aka Refused New track liked on my playlist ! thx

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