Skullcandy Presents Le Castle Vania: The Voice Of Treason Sampler CD

Dec 10, 2009 | 3 Comments | Music

Our good friends over at Skullcandy Headphones were recently kind enough to press up a sampler cd that offers up a collection of most of my recent remixes! Well the bad news is they, along with So Sweet Records and Always Never have officially distributed every last copy of the physical cd… the good news? Well being that i’m such a generous guy i’m offering it up to you guys here as a FREE download! okay okay maybe that’s not such a huge deal since all the songs on the CD are already free downloads in the Downloads section of this site but hey, it’s free! annnd it comes in a nice little package with all the album art and what not ;p



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3 Responses to “Skullcandy Presents Le Castle Vania: The Voice Of Treason Sampler CD”

  1. Cody says:

    Awwe… I thought the CD had a super secret bonus track… the Virgins/Rich Girls remix…. this is epic enough though!

  2. you can download my remix of the virgins as well as few other tracks that aren’t listed here for free over in the downloads section!

  3. Torley says:

    Oh rite on, how did I miss this earlier… I shall not dignify that question, and instead proceed to download. Thanx Dylan!

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