Very few can burst on stage and through speakers with boundless, electrifying energy like Le Castle Vania (aka Dylan Eiland) can. The Atlanta-based recording artist, producer, DJ, label owner and party champion has perfected the combination of distorted electro sounds with insuppressible dance vibes and a rock twist. Le Castle Vania has proven that originality will always prevail.

It all started back in 2006, when Eiland was asked to remix a song called “Black Eyes” from his friends and fellow Atlanta musicians Snowden. After tagging the name “Le Castle Vania” to the remix, it hit the blogosphere to massive effect. It was then that he carved his signature sound: a balanced blend of gritty electronic beats, melodic synth leads, and punk-rock aggression; resulting in banging electronic music that is dark and dirty yet equally uplifting. From the haunting vocals in his single “Awake,” to his driving remix of Vitalic’s “Stamina”, Le Castle Vania has branded himself on ignoring musical fads and staying unfalteringly true to himself in his musical endeavors.

Eiland has morphed from an underground Atlanta DJ to an internationally acclaimed electronic artist, performing dates at some of the biggest music festivals in the world such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival, and the touring Identity Festival with the likes of Justice, Eric Prydz, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Nero, Kaskade, and Steve Aoki to name just a few.

In addition to his relentless touring, Eiland is an avid producer, engineer, and songwriter; when not on the road, he’s locked in the studio developing fine-tuning each track he creates. As a producer, Le Castle Vania has completed countless originals and remixes, generously giving many away to his dedicated fans. After lengths of hunting for and discovering new artists and tunes, Eiland developed his very own label, Always Never. As a fresh outlet for which he can release both his own music as well as his friends and newcomers to the scene, Always Never has grounded itself as an exciting place to find cool music. Not to mention the infamous Always Never parties in its hometown of Atlanta…

After unleashing his debut EP Prophication on his deadmau5’ very own mau5trap imprint last Le Castle Vania has been busy collaborating as a featured artist on The Crystal Method’s fifth self-titled studio album (2014), scoring the entirety of a major sci-fi thriller, and crafting his sophomore EP Feels Like Fire out June 24 on his own Always Never Records. Feel Like Fire is anything but a sophomore slump – The five-track EP is a wild ride through blurred genres and moods, laced with the raw energy that electro house once brought to the table. Featuring collaborations with MUST DIE!, Crywolf, and ethereal vocals from SunSun and Mariana Bell, Le Castle Vania’s Feels Like Fire EP is regally crafted with equal parts beauty and electricity.

If Feels Like Fire is a sign of what’s to come from Le Castle Vania, you’d better keep your eye out.